Based in the Illawarra, ERP Engineering is an Australia owned and operated company that has been in the business of controlling and managing diesel emissions for 20 years.

We specialise in diesel particulate reduction for underground mining and general industry.

We are agents for several related businesses allowing quick and comprehensive service to our customers. These include Freudenberg Filter Technology Australia (previously Microfresh Filters) for mining filters, EHC (Sweden) who manufacture a range of filtration systems for applications such as vehicles operating in workshops, forklifts and other general applications and Compact Instruments (UK) who sell a variety of tachometers, vibration meters and gauges.

We also manufacture the ChekMate® diesel exhaust particulate analysis system. The Diesel ChekMate® has been designed to provide a quick check of the diesel particulate matter (DPM) concentration in the exhaust of diesel engines. The instrument has been designed as a screening device for use in workshops, so engines can be quickly assessed when compared to statutory requirements or individual company standards.

Measuring particulate provides only half the picture and to obtain the appropriate data to diagnose engine faults that result in higher emissions there is a need to also measure exhaust gases. ERP Engineering supply the ECOM EN3-F which is a compact portable emission analyser suitable to check exhaust gas emissions from diesel engines operating in any workplace.

ERP Engineering are also agents for Flairbase Inc. Canada who have developed software that links with the ECOM EN-3F gas analyser recording the results of gas tests plus has provision for the input of key engine data and diesel particulate. The Diesel Exhaust Emissions Management System (DEEMS) provides a means of tracking engines (or vehicles) and profiling engines over time and report generation.

Collecting and analysing raw exhaust emissions is a task that requires appropriate technology and training to gain repeatable, reliable results.  Interpretation of results to improve the emissions is the next step in the process.  To help make this a simple process, analysis software has been developed.

The Diesel Emissions Analysis System (DEAS) has been developed using data from Australia & Canada to assist in data interpretation. The system works by entering target values for each engine type in your diesel fleet into the software. The raw exhaust analysis on in-service engines is then compared to the stored target values and the software provides possible faults that should be investigated.

Please contact us should you require any further information or help with your diesel emission problems.