The DEEMS data management software was developed in the Canadian metalliferous mining industry as a tool for engineers to evaluate engine performance and profile emissions data over time. It provides maintenance planners and managers with a tool for using the stored emissions data to chart historical values, generate reports and establish baseline performance targets to compare against actual acquired data.

Diesel particulate results can be inputted to the database providing a means to easily store both gaseous & particulate emissions data. The main DEEMS interface is shown below and target ranges of contaminants can be pre-loaded and colour coded so operators can visually see compliance or otherwise.

Main DEEMS interface
Main DEEMS interface

The ECOM above is configured with carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide(NO2) & oxygen (O2) sensors with carbon dioxide (CO2) being determined by calculation and NOx by addition. The stated accuracy of the sensors by the manufacturer is +/-2% for CO, NO & NO2 and +/-0.3% vol for O2. Tgas is the temperature of the exhaust gas measured at the point of collection.

Key engine parameters can also be stored for diagnostic analysis. The scale of engine data collection and storage for each engine is shown in the following screenshot.

DEEMS engine data window
DEEMS engine data window

It is possible to track your vehicle emission history with the click of a button or create a custom report for a fleet or specific vehicles.

The table below is an illustration of how it is possible to profile the same vehicle over time, making adjustments and seeing how they affect engine emissions.


Similarly, it is possible to compare different vehicles of the same type to identify those engines with abnormal emissions.


Installation of the software on a laptop or server is possible and full training is available.