The Diesel ChekMate® has been designed to provide a quick check of the diesel particulate matter (DPM) concentration in the raw exhaust of diesel engines operating within industry. The instrument has been designed as a screening device for use in workshops so engines can be quickly assessed when compared to statutory requirements or individual company standards.

The Diesel ChekMate® works by measuring the increase in back-pressure (Δp) as DPM is collected on a quartz filter (one filter per test) when sampling a pre-determined volume of exhaust. The increase in Δp (mm water column) is then calibrated against elemental carbon (EC) measured by NIOSH Method 5040 which is an internationally recognized surrogate for DPM.

The instrument has a pendant control with an inbuilt timer so that one person can operate the vehicle being tested and collect the sample. The instrument has two rechargeable batteries one being for the sampling pump and the other for the backpressure meter, solenoid and timer.

While the Diesel ChekMate® is a screening device it has an estimated accuracy of +/- 15% as determined from comparison to NIOSH Method 5040 and volume measurement. It is critical that the Diesel ChekMate® only be used in conjunction with the ERP Pty Ltd sample mixing system (see below) as this mixes & cools the engine exhaust thus allowing samples to be collected without interference from water vapour or water droplets and excessive temperature. Extensive testing has shown that particulate matter does not build up on the inside of the mixing device and the exhaust stream can typically be cooled to below 35oC on common engine types.



The Diesel CheckMate® and the ERP Pty Ltd sample mixing system are simple to use and have been specifically designed to be “low tech” so as to ensure it can be operated by anyone who has had some basic training.

Filters collected by the Diesel ChekMate® can be stored and forwarded to a laboratory for EC analysis to check the calibration or a disputed result from an alternate measurement instrument.

A complete range of consumables (quartz filters, bypass filter) and key replacement parts are held in stock.