The following links are to sites who are involved in some aspect of diesel exhaust emissions.

CAMIRO – This is the site where all the reports of the Diesel Emissions Evaluation Programme (DEEP) can be found.

COMBUSTION GENERATED NANOPARTICLE CONFERENCE – This conference is held each June in Zurich Switzerland and provides a venue to discuss new advances in measuring and controlling nanoparticles form various combustion sources including diesel engines.

DIESELNET – This is a commercial website that sources information on all aspects of diesel emissions around the world. Some information is free and other material is only available by subscription.

EHC Teknik – A Swedish company who manufacture diesel exhaust filtration systems.

FREUDENBERG FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES (Aust) Pty Ltd – The range of disposable diesel exhaust filters manufactured by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies for the underground coal mining industry can be found here.

NIOSH MINING CENTRE – A range of research projects either in progress or completed can be found at this site.

EHS Solutions Pty Ltd

ERP Engineering has been working with Jen Hines of EHS Solutions Pty Ltd ( who can provide a service to evaluate workplaces in terms of employee exposure to diesel emissions. Subject to the outcome of the workplace assessment ERP Engineering can help with appropriate control technologies (if required).