Emissions based maintenance programs are based on the concept of ongoing monitoring of raw exhaust emissions driving continuous improvement in engine emissions and thus lower worker exposures.

Collecting and analysing raw exhaust emissions is a specialist task that needs appropriate technology but what happens when you get the results? What do they mean and what do I need to do to the engine to improve the emissions?

The Diesel Emissions Analysis System has been developed using data from Australia & Canada to answer these questions. The system works by entering target values for each engine type in your diesel fleet into the software. The raw exhaust analysis on in-service engines is then compared to the stored target values and the software provides a number of possible faults that should be investigated.

The software works on Windows 7,8 & 10 and is provided in a 30-day trial version for evaluation.

The system is applicable to mechanical or electronic engines of any capacity provided that the raw exhaust emissions are sampled and analysed in a standardised method which exactly duplicates the method used to acquire the target values. Entering of both test and target values are controlled by the user.

Advice can be provided on how to develop appropriate target values using data from your own diesel fleet.

The initial step is to load specific emission and key engine data target values for each engine type.

Once these are loaded the following six steps are followed:

  1. Select Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  2. Select engine type, test point & load method combination
  3. Select engine management system
  4. Select engine aspiration system
  5. Enter test values for the engine concerned
  6. Select the analyse button and values above the target value will be highlighted together with possible engine faults that require investigation.

The following screenshots demonstrates how the system works.

Test 1


Actual fault found – Intake restriction from blocked intake air filter.

Test 2


Actual fault found – Electronic control management system “stuck” in smoke control mode.