For the accurate analysis of diesel exhaust gaseous emissions, it is important that the gas analyser being used (e.g. ECOM EN3-F) is calibrated against standard gas mixtures regularly. It is also important to use gas mixtures that are representative of the concentrations of gases likely to be found in the engine exhaust.

ERP Engineering Pty Ltd manufactures a gas calibration trolley that allows two gas mixtures one being carbon monoxide (CO) & nitric oxide (NO) in nitrogen (N2) and the other nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in N2, to be connected to an on-demand regulator that delivers the individual gas mixtures to the instrument at a flow rate of 2 litres/minute.  All delivery pipes are made of stainless steel (to ensure the gas concentrations are not affected) and the system is fitted with a bleed valve so that the individual delivery lines can be purged to ensure no cross contamination occurs.

The gas trolley allows easy portable access to the calibration gases ensuring that calibrations can be undertaken at a moment’s notice.

ERP Engineering Pty Ltd also supplies standard gas calibration mixtures for diesel emissions testing. The normal configuration for diesel exhaust emission analysis is 800 ppm CO & 700ppm NO in N2 and 80ppm NO2 in N2.

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