ERP Engineering can come to your site and test the raw exhaust of your diesel engines. Testing for gases nitrogen dioxide {NO2}, nitric oxide {NO}, nitrous oxide {NOx}, carbon monoxide {CO}, carbon dioxide {CO2} and oxygen {O2}) and diesel particulate matter (as elemental carbon) at the tailpipe and/or on the manifold* of the engine.

Testing to determine the effectiveness of control devices such as catalytic converters or diesel particulate filtration systems can be conducted.  Testing can also be done as part of an emissions based maintenance scheme where your engines are maintained depending on the exhaust results.

Most types of diesel engines can be tested including but not limited to forklifts, loaders, trucks, dozers, airport baggage transport, mine vehicles.

Certificates of analysis will be issued in a timely manner following the testing.

Testing uses the Diesel ChekMate® (particulate matter analyser) and ECOM gas analyser with testing done in accordance with MDG29 Section 6.2 and 6.3.

*Note:  if manifold testing is required, then specific attachments must be fitted to the engine prior to the site visit.

Raw diesel exhaust testing. Diesel exhaust testing