The ECOM EN3-F is a compact portable emission analyser suitable to check raw exhaust gas emissions from diesel engines operating in any workplace.

The EN3-F works by using a pump to draw engine exhaust through a probe into a Peltier cooler/sample conditioner where the exhaust gases are cooled and any free moisture is removed. The cooled & dry gases are then passed over a number of electrochemical sensors which record the concentrations of the contaminants of interest. Each electrochemical sensor is calibrated to known gas standards.

In the normal raw exhaust analysis format the EN3-F measures carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and oxygen (O2).

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is calculated from the O2 concentration. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are calculated by adding the NO & NO2 results.

With a properly calibrated instrument users can expect an accuracy of +/- 2% for CO, NO & NO2 and +/-0.3% for O2. CO2 is a calculated value from the O2 and should be considered a reasonable estimation of the true value.

The EN3-F can be linked to the DEEMS software to give a large visual display of exhaust values during testing and to also store all results and engine parameters for later evaluation.

A complete range of consumables (water trap filters & inline filters) plus key replacement parts are held in stock.

Calibration gases (CO/NO in nitrogen; NO2 in nitrogen) & regulators are also available.